JainThela Online Platform for Fruits, Vegetables, and Groceries 

Become a franchise partner of JainThela and shape your next-generation business with online selling of Fruits, Vegetables, and Groceries. We provide E2E solution for Franchise including Web admin panel to manage your inventory, check your daily sales and updates. In addition, there are applications for E-Commerce and delivery boys. Customers will use rich and interactive Android and iOS JainThela applications for placing online orders and tracking.

High Return on Investment: According to our experience, efficiency and present market scenario there is a high return on investment(ROI) i.e. more than 24%  

Low Investment: One-time Investment fees of INR 2.21 Lakhs to JainThela.

Other Investments: Office Infrastructure and Storage Area Cost with running capital will be approximately two to three lakhs according to business needs. As the business expands then you need additional funds accordingly.

Path to Growth and Success
Franchise opportunity of JainThela is unlike online store franchise opportunities offered by others. We have built over years a trustworthy reputation among the users.  And now you can leverage our reputation to impart best and hygienic fruits and vegetables in your Area.
Know Who We Are: Get to know about us completely. Find out what we offer to the users, our working process, standards, support that we extend to our franchise partners, and more.
Join Hands with Us: Be our online store franchise partner with us and deliver hygienic fruits, vegetables, and groceries & Other Products in your Area. 
Expand your business: Our online store franchise opportunity boosts of high returns. 

Fostering a Best Online Selling Environment
We are not just offering a business opportunity, but we are partnering with passionate individuals who share the same vision as we do. With our online store franchise available at low investment and high return, we endeavor to spread the best quality of fruits, vegetables, and groceries in every nook and corner of the country. Those with growth, success, and the aim of delivering quality products, fruits, and vegetables in mind, our franchise opportunity is available for you to grab.

We are delivering almost more than Hundreds of orders on day. Would you be interested in joining this business platform and increasing the order counts?

Why Online Store Franchise from Jainthela?
It is not just a franchise that you take from Jainthela. It is a vision that we share with you. It is with partnering with each other that we can deliver the best hygienic fruits, vegetables, and groceries at the same market price at the doorsteps of every user. Here are some of the benefits:
Low Investment
Online platform
Quick and High Return 
ROI is more than 24%
Setup Support
Technical Support
Human and Non-Human Resources Support
Business Operations Consultancy

Franchise Process
Have a look at the franchise process of JainThela.

1. Finding the Fit
o Person who has entrepreneur quality and ability to grab a business opportunity.
o A person having a basic knowledge of E-Commerce and work in a digital environment.
o Entrepreneurs are capable to take the financial risk and invest according to the requirement of Business.
o Financial Fitness: Business owners should be capable financially to start their own venture.

2. Experience
o The business owner with experience of fruits, vegetables, and groceries will be given preference. 
o Required basic understanding or knowledge of e-commerce business and its scope.

3. Commitment and Professionalism
o Dedication to take care of the franchise and strive to grow it.
o You should have a thorough understanding of the local market
o You should be aware of the demographics of the user's demand and supply in your city.

4. Documentation
o Fill all the required fields mentioned in the Online Franchise Form and submit it.
o We will get in touch with you to take things forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions that you must know before you go for our online store franchise.

Q.1 How much is the initial fees for online store franchise?
A.1 One-time fees of 2.21 lakhs (non-refundable). This amount includes your one-time franchise fee for the first three years which could be extended further on mutual understanding. 

Q.2 Are there other fees involved in your online store franchise?
A.2 We will charge 2% to 5% only (categorywise) with applicable tax. This is way lower than other online platforms. 

Q.3 How much investment is required for infrastructure and monthly operations? 
A.3 For running a complete online business, there are monthly expenses that you need to incur. These expenses include salary to your staff and delivery boys, utility bills, office rent, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Q.4. What is the margin on my investment?
A.4 There is a very high margin on your very low investment. Return on investment(ROI) is more than 24%

Q.5 Will, I get any support from you?
A.5 We provide full JainThela platform for tracking online orders, inventory management, operation management, and financial management. We extend our continuous support when you take our online store franchise. From helping you with setup, remote location training we are always here for help and technical support to you.

Q.6 I have taken your franchise, but I am no longer receiving orders. What do I do?
A.6. Considering our quality technical services and effective promotional strategies, this scenario is rare. However, if such circumstances occur, we can always dedicatedly focus on lead generation strategies for your store.

Q.7 What are the basic requirements and expenses for online store franchises in my city other than franchise fees?
A.7.   One lakh setup cost Like a computer, Printer, Weight machine, and baskets with dress code T-shirts for staff. Running capital accordingly online order you get.

Q.8 How can we deliver Goods?
A.8.  First, we will tie up outsourcing delivery by Maruti van to deliver our order.

Q.9 Is there any minimum period for the franchise?
A.9.  There are offered franchises for the first three years and could be extended further with mutual understanding and services offered to the customers. But all rights are reserved to the company (ShriNakoda AgroProducts Pvt Ltd) for cancellations and extension of any franchise. Any dispute arising under these terms and conditions shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Udaipur district local court.

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